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Tir has been an avid reader and writer for as long as she can remember.  Her first book was published with Lyrical Press in early 2009 and since then, she's published three more books.  She has also began giving back to other writers, new and veteran, by editing for several publishing houses.  Though her time to review books is limited, she assists the group by posting many of the reviews for her fellow reviewers.

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Paranormal romance author and reviewer, Brynna Curry is a life long believer in the importance of reading. She enjoys the writing process and helping others hone their craft whether by reviewing published novels, critquing raw manuscripts or serving as a contest judge. When she isn’t writing, you may find her at the local library or the park with her children. Brynna makes her home in the Deep South with her husband, son, two daughters, and their redbone hound Diablo. 

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I love to read and review books! I am married, my DH is retired, and we live with two great dogs and a sweet cat! I used to say I was an attorney and real estate title business owner by day and a reader/reviewer by night. Now I own eTreasures Publishing and am squeezing in the duties of a reader. editor, publisher manager!  Life is grand with good books all around.

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Lupa * (Review requests/Publisher contacts) I am a 33 year old Housemom and critter caretaker. I am also a writer, a cat breeder, a rabid reader, a machinist and a business manager. (Yea and they say being a stay at home Mom is easy….) Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a child. In fact I just got a book I read in the 5th grade that I had loaned out and never gotten back, and spent 20 years looking for, from my sister for my birthday. So yea books are a big part of my life LOL.

I have had a passion for vampires and the paranormal since I was a teenager. L.J. Smith’s vampires were among the first that I fell for. I am a fan of Laurell K Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Mary Stanton, and a number of others. We, my husband and I have a large collection of books, and a small house LOL so we have to cycle the books through on the shelves, that cover nearly every genre on the market. Nonfiction to good old fashioned Smut ;). I love reviewing books because I like getting the word out there about books I have enjoyed. Almost as much as I love finding a review that gets my interest and gets me hooked on a new writer.






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