Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - Anne's Birthday Bachelor by Jennifer Dunne

Title: Anne's Birthday Bachelor

Author: Jennifer Dunne

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Rating:  You Gotta Read (!!!!! )

Reviewed by: Sarina


Advertising executive Anne is tired of making all the decisions for her company, day in and day out, and confides in her best friend that her secret fantasy is to have a lover make decisions for her. Her friend takes her at her word, and for her birthday buys her a date with a very special bachelor, introducing Anne to the exciting world of Dominance/submission, where all of her fantasies come true.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in theTied with a Bow anthology.


Extremely sensual, hot, steamy, deliciously seductive. It quite literately took my breath away, with not a bit to put away. I could barely tear myself away to do anything other than sitting in front of my computer, with my mouth dropped open. I must have really looked like one of those people that just got off finding out they could get porn on the net! Bad synonym, but pretty much accurate! I absolutely loved how complex good ole Garret is. I couldn't put it  past anything he did. Good lord when he tied Anne up, I thought I almost died with the details. The ostrich feather over sensitive skin... Deliciously, delightfully hot!

Anne was an absolute passivist, that truly didn't know what she wanted, but when she did realize what she wanted, good lord have mercy did she choose a delightful one! I really give it to Jennifer on her writing. It was truly delightful, and I cannot wait to get another of her books. I was positively and quite delightfully floored with how the events took effect. I really enjoyed reading the book.Tags: , ,

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